Monday 27 August 2018

Cinema Obscura @Sickhouse, Ariensplein 1, Enschede
open at 19.30, entrance 4 €

Awaiting for immortality!
SIMULACRA is our edition about multi realities

This new edition of Cinema Obscura is exploring how multi realities impact our society and we are connected to them. What does living online means nowadays and how is VR and AR possible step into our future.

Besides a fantastic selection of films you will get to try out our new VR set, play a few rounds of indie games, enjoy some experimental workshop and discover some inside of our year research ! Don’t be shy and join us for another evening full of surprises!

19:30 door open
20:00 introduction of the theme
20:15 Hyper reality by Keiichi Matsuda
20:25 The final moments of Karl Brant by Francis Wilson

20:45 BREAK Discover our workshop, indie games and research room
21:15 Magno Caliman live coding performance
21:45 Fiction of the night! “This technology is simply a route to powers that conjurers and alchemists used centuries ago”
00:00 end of the evening