Cinema Obscura is an initiative of Stichting Guido born from the movie program of the The Overkill festival.

Aike Lutkemoller and Frank Schonewille, two of the organisers and movie buffs, joined forces to create the underground cinema of Enschede and its surroundings.

The program of Cinema Obscura is not only challenging, controversial and experimental, but also unique in its construction. Sitting in cinema chairs from 1936, you are encourage to interact and participate. Every projection is a special experience. Also, you will not know what movie(s) you will see until the evening itself. The resourceful movie fanatic can get a lot from the thematic names of the evening and the hints spread carefully… On the evening self each movie will be presented by the organisation with an enthusiastic introduction.

Cinema Obscura is a part of Sickhouse and its programming supports the theme of The Overkill festival. In 2018 we are exploring IMMORTALITY.

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