Planet Crispy

Friday 3-05-2019 PLANET CRISPY
Cinema Obscura @Sickhouse, Ariensplein 1, Enschede
open at 19.30, entrance 5 €

Planet Crispy is our next edition of Cinema Obscura about our  theme “Modding reality”. Mods are games ads, alterations, modifications that changes different aspect of the game in general. This year we want to try to see how this gaming tweaks can or could inspire us to change the world!On this special evening we will look into Human mods, from mutants to CRISPR. Ammu Joshy, graduated from the Philosophy and new Media department of UT will present her research about the CRIPSR Kit and try to guide us from fiction to reality.

Of course yo will also get to try new VR experiences, play a few rounds of indie games, enjoy some experimental workshop and discover some insides in research ! Don’t be shy and join us for another evening full of surprises!

19:30 door open
20:00 TED Talk Jennifer Doudna “CRISPR/Cas9”
20:15 Ammu Joshy CRISPR Kit, the fiction and the reality (talk and discussion)

////// 20:45 BREAK////// with VR, workshop, indie games and research room
21:15 Film of the nigh