From Frankenstein to Hyperbrain

This is a special GOGBOT café edition.

Talks, presentaties, debat, film, music, art and interviews with guests from art and culture in the context of GOGBOT festival 2018

Thursday 12 April 2018
Cinema Obscura @Sickhouse, Ariensplein 1, Enschede
Entrance 19.30, start 20 u, free entrance

Matthias Oostrik, Robert B. Lisek, ViaOral, Secret Cinema, ROC, Tetem, Rijksmuseum Twenthe/TwentseWelle, The Overkill/Cinema Obscura.

GOGBOT theme 2018: FUTURE FLASH 200:
From Frankenstein to Hyperbrain.

GOGBOT goes back 200 years in the past to 1818 when the 18 year old Mary Shelley wrote de novel Frankestein, the iconic birth of the Cyborg. But GOGBOT especially looks 200 years in the future to the year 2218, a impossible vision, because nowadays we are in experiencing a enormous acceleration of technological develpments, in the terrain of A.I., robotics and human enhancements. A development which can change our world in a redical way on the short term, especially since we are capable of controlling and combining biological data, implore selfthinking weapons and control the democracy with social media. Our society seems to be heading towards total dataism… runned by the Frightful Five: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Google.

The shown movie is a unique one in the Dutch genre movie history . It started out in 2004 as Worst Case Scenario, the movie with a lot of potention with unfortunately never say the light of day. Luckily Richard Raaphorst didn’t let this be and created Frankensteins Army in 2013!