Saturday 30-06-2018

Cinema Obscura @Sickhouse, Ariensplein 1, Enschede
open at 19.30, entrance 4 €

19:30 door open
20:00 introduction of the night
20:15 Frozen Faith: Cryonics and The Quest to Cheat Death MOTHERBOARD

20:45 ROC students animations
21:00 BREAK with workshop, Frankies installation, video game and VR and ice cream 🙂
21:45 Fiction of the night!
23:30 end of the evening
IMMORTALITY, Do you want infinite lives? Frozen
Frozen is our edition about cryonics as a possible cold “limbo” for the believers of a better future. A future where technology will be able to keep us alive longer, in a healthy body (human or not) but first of all will be able to bring us back to life!
You would not think so, but people are preserved, ‘in suspension’ since the late 60’s waiting for us to bring them back!
We have many questions ;
Do we want them back?
What happen if one come back with health care needs, costs, no family etc… Who is supposed to take care of this human of the past?
Is humanity responsible of those choosing to get cryogenized?
Is it cold in there?
Be prepared for an icy evening with liquid nitrogen, frozen brains, ice creams and surprises!