Perception Disturb

FRIDAY 7-06-2019 Cinema Obscura “PERCEPTION DISTURB”
Cinema Obscura @Sickhouse, Ariensplein 1, Enschede
open at 19.30, entrance 5 €

PERCEPTION DISRUPT is the next edition of Cinema Obscura around our theme “Modding realities”_Mods are games ads, alterations, modifications that changes different aspect of the game in general. This year we want to try to see how this gaming process can or could inspire us to change the world! 

And it all start with how we perceive the world. If our senses are the one making our reality understandable to us, what happen when we loose one or we modify the power of an other…

Of course you will also get to try new VR experiences, play a few rounds of indie games, enjoy some experimental workshop and discover some insides in our research!

19:30 doors open
20:05 About Synesthesia
20:30“The prediction machine” from Marleine van der Werf (future guest of The Overkill symposium)
////// 20:45 BREAK////// with a new VR experience, a special selection of indie games looking into our perception of the world and our open workshop room.
21:15 Film of the nigh

(doors will be open until the end of the break, if you arrive late, please pay your entrance at the bar, thanks :)).